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Reset Voicemail PIN

Last modified at 5/17/2016 2:27 PM by Cerise, Tracy A

Resetting Your Unity Voicemail PIN

After you change your Unity Connection pre-expired voicemail PIN, your new PIN will never expire.  However, if you subsequently forget your voicemail PIN, you can easily reset it yourself with the Unity Connection Web Inbox.  This can be accessed from
Connect to the Unity Connection Web Inbox and you will be presented with a login screen.

For users with Exchange integrated voice mailboxes, login with your linkblue userid and password (NO AD\ or MC\ required).
If you have a Phone-only voice mailbox you will need to login with the Unity Connection account name and password that was given to you when your account was created.  These are usually PO_859xxxxxxx (PO_ + 10-digit phone number of voice mailbox) and the default password given to you if this is the first time you have logged in to the Web Inbox, or the password you created on your first login.
If you have logged in with a Phone-only account, the first time you login you'll be required to change the default password to one of your choosing.
A successful login with bring up the Web Inbox where you can change settings by clicking the Settings button.
There, you can go to the passwords dropdown box and select Change PIN.

Set and save your new PIN.

This change takes effect immediately and you will then be able to dial into your voice mailbox via telephone.  Of course, you can also listen to voicemail messages directly from the Unity Connection Web Inbox as well as make other preference changes as you see fit.


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