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Installing Forefront Endpoint Protection on Windows 7

Follow the steps below to install Forefront Endpoint Protection on a Windows 7 machine. Please note that if you do not have administrative rights on the computer, that the individual, usually the department tech, that administrates the computer will need to install this product.

Please make sure that there are no other Anti-Virus products installed on the machine before proceeding with these steps.

Begin by going to the UK Download website at

Log into the site with link blue credentails and search for "Forefront" (without quotes).

When Forefront Endpoint Protection is found, click on "Download" and download the product to your computer. Please make a note of the location where the product is being downloaded to.

Go to the location where Forefront was downloaded to and double click on the file you downloaded.

At this point the files should begin an extraction and see a message like this.

When the installation wizard begins, click on "Next."

The next step involves reviewing the Software License Terms. When ready, click on "I accept" to install the product. If you do not agree click on "I decline" and the installation will stop.

Make the appropriate selection based on your personal preference, then click on "Next."

The "Optimize Security" step is optional, however it is recommended that you do enable the firewall. Once you make your selection, click on "Next."

Forefront is now preparing to install. No action is necessary on your part. When it is done, it will advance to the next step automatically.

If you are ready to install Forefront Endpoint Protection, please click on "Install."

The product is currently being installed. No action is currently needed by you. When the installation is done, the screen will automatically advance to the next step.

When Forefront installation is complete, make sure all other applications are closed and work is saved. Then click on "Restart.

While the computer is preparing for the restart you will see a message that Windows is being configured. Once the computer restarts, you will see the same message again before you are brought to your login screen. Log into the computer as you normally would and allow your computer to finish restarting.

Forefront will automatically open a window will want to search for and update the virus definitions. This will require that the computer is connected to the internet. Allow Forefront to finish updating itself.

Once the update is complete, this is what you will see.

If you wish to do a manual update on the definitions, click on "Update at the top, and select "Update."