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Once accepted as a student, or hired as an employee, of the University of Kentucky, you will have a computing account automatically created for you.  This account will be your primary means of access to many of the systems at UK including but not limited to the following: accessing your email, logging into myUK, logging into the machines in the Student Computing Labs, and access other computer services at the University. This document details the steps necessary to activate your Computing account.

The myUK system provides students with the ability to register for classes, pay bills online, and update contact information. Faculty and Staff will use the myUK web site to access the SAP system, access W2 information, and other Employee Self-Service features.

Find Your Computing Account User ID

Your Link Blue user ID is used to identify yourself to UK's computer systems.


Your UK Link Blue user ID, Student ID number and default password should be provided in your Acceptance Letter from the University of Kentucky. If you have not received your user ID please contact the UKIT Help Desk at (859)218-HELP(4357) or IT Customer Service Center for assistance.

Faculty & Staff

Your UK Link Blue user ID and UKID number should be provided to your hiring official. They will relay this information to you as required to activate your computing accounts. If you have not received your user ID please contact the UKIT Help Desk at (859)218-HELP(4357)IT Customer Service Center for assistance.

Initial Password

Your password is used to verify that you are the owner of the user ID you are attempting to use. When you first activate your computing account you will need to use the default password to login.

The default password is u$ and the last six digits of your UK ID and the word blue. (For example, if your UK ID is 12345678, your default password would be u$345678blue.) For more information on the UK ID, please see

Activating your Account

1.     Go to the Account Manager web site (

2.     Enter your user ID and default password where prompted.

3.     Click the 'Login' button.

You will now be guided through the Account Activation process, the first screen will explain what the activation process does, and present a notice that you must complete the entire process to activate your account.

4.     Click 'Next'

5.     Enter your current/default password, a new password, and confirm your new password.

Click the following for password and Link Blue Account Guidelines

Please choose your reset questions carefully.  You must supply two password self-reset questions, and the answers must be three or more characters in length. We recommend choosing questions that will not have ambiguous answers, or answers that might change over time.   For instance, questions like "my favorite song" may have an answer that changes over time, and it may be difficult to remember the exactly spelling or word choice for questions that involve multipart answers such as nicknames or abbreviations in place names.

Password self-reset allows you to create a new password when you have forgotten your old password. Read and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. For more information about the password self-reset feature, please see the About Password Self-Reset article.

8.     Click 'Next'

9.     Create your University Email Address

Your University Email Address is commonly referred to as UEA. Your UEA allows you to have a friendlier looking email address to share with family and friends, but does not alter your user ID. It is your official UK email address for your account and will appear in any UK public paper or electronic directories as your email address.

10.  Click 'Next'

11.  Set Email Delivery Address

NOTE: Setting your Email Delivery Address means all email will be sent to the email account/address you specified.  UK will not create a local mailbox unless you are employee and you select UK Local Exchange.

I want to have my email delivered off campus

1.     Select the radio button next to "Other Mailbox"

2.     Click 'Next'

3.     On the following screen, enter the email address you want to send all UK email to.   

4.     Verify the email address by typing it again


I do not want to forward my email off campus

Faculty and Staff:

1.     Select the radio button next to "UK Local Exchange"

2.     Click 'Next'


Follow the link below to access the Student User Guides to activating both your link blue account and your student email.


12.  Review your settings

Verify that your security questions, University Email Address, and Email Delivery Location are correct.

13.  Click 'Finish'.

It may take a moment, but you will be automatically logged out of the Account Manager and presented with a message indicating that your computing account was activated.

IMPORTANT: If you receive an error message please contact the IT Customer Service Center for assistance.

Once you are finished, your Computing account will be activated. You may start using your account immediately. 

Before using your account, please review the Policy Governing Access to and use of University of Kentucky Computing Resources (

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For More Assistance

Please contact the IT Support if you have any questions or problems while following these instructions.  Our contact information and availability are available on the Main Wiki Page.

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