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Establish a best-practice for using strong passwords, as complex as the host system allows.

1. Minimum Length 8 characters. On systems with a maximum password length of less than 8 characters, use the maximum length that the system supports.
2. Expiration 90 days or less.
3. Password History 8 password changes are required before reusing a previous password. (To prevent recycling passwords.)
4. Minimum Password Age 1 day. You may only change your password once each day. (To prevent recycling passwords.)
5. Lockout After 5 unsuccessful log-on attempts. The password may be unlocked automatically by the system after 30 minutes, or by request to an authorized person who must verify the identity of the requestor.
5. Composition
  • Must contain characters from three of these categories, and be enforced when a password is created or changed:
    • Upper Case Letters: A through Z
    • Lower Case Letters: a through z
    • Numerals: 0 through 9
    • All non-alphanumeric characters, such as: ! @ # % $
    • No more than two identical characters in a row
  • The password cannot contain the user's first name, middle name, last name, or username.
6. Inactivity Timeout 60 minutes. Interactive terminal sessions must be timed out by the application or host service.

For additional suggestions, visit the Creating Secure Passwords information page.

For the UK Medical Center systems, please review the Medical Center Password Requirements.

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