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I have a student who just added my course late. When will they have access to Blackboard?
.Why are there more students in my course?
Are there any browser settings that I should know about?
Are there any other helper apps that I'll need?
Are there any other tips for my browser that I should know about?
How can I clear a student's attempt on an online test?
How do I add video files to my Blackboard course?
How do I clear my browser's cache?
How do I enable JAVA?
How do I request a new course shell, combine or cross-list existing courses, or add teaching assistants and other instructors to a course?
I am a student and I'm not receiving any Blackboard-generated email. What can I do?
I am a student; I'm having trouble self enrolling, what can I do?
I am a student; why can't I see the course I'm enrolled in?
I have students who can't open PDFs on their Macs. What should they do?
I need a course shell for the coming semester. How do I get one?
I need to add a couple of users to my Bb shell who will be guests. How can I add them?
My students in both classes are reporting that they cannot see or access the courses on Bb.
What are some important steps I should take to make sure my course is ready for the semester?
What are the OS and Browser requirements for Blackboard?
What happened to the Digital Dropbox?
What should Instructors do if their window to send grades to the Registrar's Office through blackboard has closed?
What type of connection to the internet should I have?
Where can I check my computer for Blackboard requirements?
Would you please archive my past courses?