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FAQ: .Why are there more students in my course?


.Why are there more students in my course?


All newly enrolled students will be added to the Blackboard course within 1-5 minutes from registering in the course in SAP. Previously, it would take two days to process this information which meant that the student would join the course well behind their peers.  Students who later decide to drop the course will be made unavailable in a course. Why are they made unavailable and not simply removed from the course? Because when a student is removed from a course all of that student's work in the course such as submitted assignments, discussion board postings, quizzes, etc. is also removed and cannot be retrieved! Consequently, students will never be removed from a course by the automated enrollment process, to ensure that students are never removed from a course in error, but will be marked as unavailable in the roster for further review by you. You will still see their name listed in the roster (CONTROL PANEL > LIST / MODIFY USERS) with their role of Student "grayed out" with the universal NO symbol, but the student will no longer see the course, nor will they have access to it.
Instructors can hide the disabled students from the Grade Center by following the following step for creating a smart view that limits the view to only students that are available in the course.

Creating a Smart View to Hide Unavailable Students
In the Grade Center, on the Action Bar, point to Manage to access the drop-down list.
1. Select Smart Views.
2. On the Smart Views page, click Create Smart View on the Action Bar.
3. On the Create Smart View page, type Active Students for the name of the Smart View and provide an optional Description.
4. Under Selection Criteria select Custom
5. Under Condition, select Availability, Equal to and the Available radio button is selected.
6. For Filter Results select All Columns
7. Click Submit.
8. On the Smart Views page, click its hyperlinked title to view the results in the Grade Center.
9. Ensure that the star in the Add as Favorite column is on
10. Refresh your browser
11. Click on Grade Center in the Control Panel
12. Select the Active Students

Follow this link for a quick video of this procedure.

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