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Accessing Blackboard

***Updated for Fall 2012***

Students wishing to use Blackboard must authenticate using an Active Directory computing account. Before accessing the Blackboard system, students are required to obtain an Active Directory account and change the default password of the account. Students may need to manually reconcile their Active Directory account with the Blackboard system during their first login.

Active Directory accounts are separated into two domains: "AD" and "MC". The "AD" Active Directory domain is for most students, and the "MC" Active Directory domain is for some medical students. Medical Students will have "MC" Active Directory accounts given to them by their respective colleges.

If you have an "MC" Active Directory account, you do not need to obtain the "AD" Active Directory account. Please view the Changing Your Password article and follow all instructions.

Accessing Blackboard

The first time you access the Blackboard system, your Active Directory account will be reconciled with the Blackboard system. For most students, this reconciliation process will be automatic; other students may be required to contact the UKIT Support Center for manual reconciliation.

From MyUk Portal:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to .
  2. Login with your user name and password. There is NO need to put AD\ or MC\ in front of your user name when logging through this website.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on the appropriate tab (will vary by user).
  4. Click on the page named Blackboard. This will open the Blackboard website in a new window.
  5. Click on the User Login button on the left hand side of the window. You will be taken directly into Blackboard.
  6. Please note, you will need to completely close your web browser and log out of the Blackboard and myUK websites.

From Direct Website:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Blackboard web site (
  2. On the Blackboard web site, in the 'Login Here' section, enter your Link Blue user name and password.  Do not enter AD\ or MC\ in front of your username.
  3. Click the 'Login' button to access Blackboard.
  4. When you have finished with the Blackboard system, click on the Logout button and close your web browser.
For More Assistance

Please contact the IT Customer Service Center at (859) 218-HELP. If you have any questions or problems while following these instructions, our contact information and availability are located on the Main Wiki Page.


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