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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Using Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release controls the release of content to students based on a set of rules created by the Instructor. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns in the Grade Center, or review status of an item in the course.

The following options are available, click on the name for instructions on adding the option:

1.) Adaptive Release: Create basic rules for an item. Only one rule per item can be created, but the rule can have multiple criteria. All of the criteria must be met before the student can access the content.

2.) Adaptive Release Advanced: Create complex combinations of release ruls by adding multiple rules with multiple criteria to a single content item. Users must meet all the criteria of one of the rules to gain access.

3.) User Progress: View the details on an item for all users in a course. This page includes information about whether the item is visible to the user and whether the user has marked the item as reviewed.

Where to find Adaptive Release

1.) Enter any area of the course that contains content

2.) Confirm that Edit Mode is ON

3.) Click the drop-down menu next to a content item's name

4.) From the menu, select either Adaptive Release or Adaptive Release: Advanced (User Progress is also located here)


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