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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Old Announcements Not Deleting
Issue: Error Message When Deleting Announcements
Description: The item numbering is corrupted with negative numbers that are stored in the order column, which causes the error message.
Solution: Cycle the items through the order from bottom to top (moving the top item to the bottom repeatedly until the order has cycled through once).
Steps to Resolve:
1. Make certain that ‘Edit Mode’ is set to ‘ON’
2. Using the double-arrow icon to the left of the announcement, move the first announcement to the last announcement position. Note: Please ignore the ‘New announcements appear below this line’ placeholder.


3. Keep moving the top announcement to the last position until your first announcement is back to its original position.


4. If you have a large number of announcements, it may be easier to use the ‘Reorder’ button to the top right (along the same horizontal line as the ‘Create Announcement’ button).


5. If you reorder at least once and you still receive an error message, please move that announcement down to a different position and try again.
If you run into any difficulty following these steps or need further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 859-218-4357.
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