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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Archiving (Backing up) Your Blackboard Course

Archive Course creates a permanent record of a Course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is initiated. It is essential to back up your course content and grades frequently as the course proceeds. It is recommended to save an archive of your course to your computer after any big change, such as a test or assignment submission, that includes critical data for student grades. However, you are welcome to create archives for your courses as often as you wish. If it is necessary to restore missing data, an archive can be sent to the Blackboard Administrator to restore on the Blackboard server.

Archiving is a two-part process: creating the zip file and saving it to an optimal location on your computer or storage device. Your course is not fully archived or backed up until you have completed the downloading process.

Create the Zip File

1.) To archive, go to the Control Panel and click Packages and Utilities.

2.) Select Export/Archive Course, and on the page that appears, click the blue Archive button

3.) On the Archive Course page, you will have the option to Include Grade Center History. The Grade Center History records every modification to the Grade Center. Click this checkbox if you are using the Grade Center in your course to keep student grades.

4.) Select the (default) option to Copy links and copies of the content (Include all Course Files).

5.) Submit. A green Success banner will appear, stating that an email will be sent when the process is complete. Wait for the confirmation email; the time may vary and is dependent on the size of the course.

6.) Once you have received the confirmation email, refresh the page by clicking Export/Archive in the Control Panel. There should be a new zip file listed with current date and time.

Save Zip File to Your Computer

1.) Click on the file's drop-down menu and select Open.

2.) Your computer will open a window asking to Open or Save the file. Select Save. (Choose a memorable location for the file.)

3.) Once it has successfully downloaded, you have fully archived the course.

Restoring a course:
Should you need to restore your course from an archive, call the UK IT Service Desk at 218-4357 and indicate that you need to have your course restored. Your information (including contact and course information) will be collected and sent immediately to the Blackboard System Administrators.

Tip: In addition to archiving your course using this Blackboard feature, we also recommend that you keep on your computer copies of any files (such as syllabus or handouts) that you upload into Blackboard.


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