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What's it like to take a test in Blackboard?
There are many types of questions that can be presented in any Test in Blackboard; some of the most popular are Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Answer (Watch out! these will look like Multiple Choice), Matching, and yes, Essay.  Be sure to pay attention to any Instructions given to you in class and in Blackboard.  Also, be aware of all parts of the question being presented to you. 
Depending on the Instructor, a Test may have many options set that you will have to pay attention to – they will be posted at the top of the Test.  You may or may not be allowed to take a Test multiple times; if Multiple Attempts are allowed a limit may be set on the number of attempts.  If Force Completion is enabled, you must complete the Test the first time it is launched – you will not be able to exit the Test and continue working on it at a later date. If Backtrack is Prohibited, users may not return to questions they have already answered. 
Warning: It is important that you never use the Browser's Back button during an Assessment!  This may cause loss of data.
Your test questions may be presented to you All-At-Once or One-At-A-Time.  When taking a test in which you see all the questions at once, there are two options that are available to you.  To store the answers you have already provided select Save; answers may be changed after they are saved.  If you wish to finish the Test, select Submit; a receipt page will appear that states that Assessment has been completed.  When taking a test in which you see only one question at a time, there are three options that are available.  There are special arrows (if backtracking is permitted) that allow you to navigate through the questions.  The Question/Section Indicator describes the current location in the Test and the overall number of questions.  If you wish to store the answers you have already provided, select Save; Questions' Answers up to this point are saved.  If you wish to finish the Test, select Submit; Again, a receipt page will appear that states the Assessment has been completed.
To view your progress as you move through your Test, find the Question Status Indicator at the page.  To keep track of questions answered in an all-at-once Test, use the Save button to the right of each question answered – this will change the status indicator to show which questions have been completed.  In a one-at-a-time Test, the status box is updated on the next page to show that the previous question was answered; if you do not answer a question and move on to the next page – the status box will show on the next page that the previous question was not answered.  You may navigate between questions by clicking on the question number in the status indicator (if backtracking is allowed).
Your instructor may require you to use the Respondus LockDown Browser when taking an online test or doing an assignment in Blackboard. This prevents you from accessing any other content on the web or on your computer while completing it. Click here to learn how to use it.
Note: If you have any trouble completing a quiz or test in Blackboard, please contact your instructor by phone and/or email to let them know right away.
Note: Depending on your internet connection at home – it may be best to take a Test (or any other assessment) on campus.  The campus networks are less likely to cut you off in the middle of an Assessment.  If you have been cut off before you are able to finish your Assessment and are unable to get back in, contact your Instructor by either their Office phone number or email address
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