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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Check Course Links
Check Course Links allows Instructors to check the links to Content Collection items that have been added to a Course. For example, if an item in the Content Collection is deleted after the Instructor has created a link to the item in a Course, Check Course Links detects this and makes the Instructor aware of the broken link. Depending on the situation, some broken links may be repaired; while others may not.  When a link to a Content Collection item is added to a Course, All Course Users are given Read permission to this item in the Content Collection. When the Check Course Links is run, the only permission that is checked is Read permission for All Course Users.
If links to Content Collection items are added to a Course, it is important that Check Course Links is run on a periodic basis. This is especially true after a Course is copied, restored or imported. Users with access to the items in the Content Collection may move and remove items, or edit the permissions on an item. These actions may impact the validity of a link to the item in a Course. For example, when a link to a Content Collection item is added to a Course, all Course users are automatically granted Read permission to the item in the Content Collection. If this permission is later removed by a user who has Manage permission to the item, selecting the link within the Course will result in an error message.
Follow the steps below to use Check Course Links:
  1. Select  Packages and Utilities from the Control Panel.
  2. Click Check Course Links.
  3. Select OK on the Check Course Links page. This operation may take a few minutes to run; the length of the process depends on the number of links within a Course.
  4. Read the results and repair broken links.
  5. After the Check Course Links is ran, a results page will appear, explaining the status of each link to a Content Collection item. Some broken links may be fixed by the Instructor, while others may not.

Collection Check Result

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