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The Copy Files to Collection tool enables Instructors to copy content from their Courses in Blackboard Learn- Course Delivery to a folder in the Content Collection. This is very helpful for Instructors who have attached files that exist outside of the Content Collection to Course Content Areas. Items that are added through to the Content Collection may be used in new Courses, shared with other users, and added to Portfolios. This tool is meant for adding new content to the Content Collection; it does not detect Content Collection items that have been added to a Course or make changes to the Course itself.
Using Copy Files to Collection
Instructors access the Copy Files to Collection tool within the Control Panel of a Course.
Follow the steps below to run the Copy Files to Collection Tool:
  1. Select Copy Files to Collection under Packages and Utilities. The Copy Files to Collection page appears.

  2. Under Select Areas, use the check boxes for those areas that will be copied. In each area selected, attached items will be copied to the Content Collection.

  3. The path in the Destination field defaults to the location of the course folder in Course Content in the Content Collection. The path to a different folder may be entered.

  4. A receipt page appears after the copy is complete. The receipt states all areas that were successfully copied and any that have failed.
  5. The copied items will appear in the Content Collection in a folder named Copied Content.


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