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***Updated Fall 2011***
Course Information
There is no one universal way for an instructor to set up their Blackboard course pages, so the titles and locations of course materials will vary. A good rule of thumb: Course Information, Course Content, and Assignments within the Course Menu will contain important information or documents.
If the instructor allows students to view their grades, you can access this information by clicking on the My Grades course page.
Instructor Information
1.) To find your Course’s, Instructor’s or TA’s information, first make sure you are in the correct course.
2.) You can find important information by selecting Course Information, Staff Information, Course Documents or by selecting Tools from the Course Menu.
2.) In the Tools page, select Contacts – this is where Instructors will post contact information about themselves and others. This page may be within the course's menu as well, labeled as either "Contacts" or "Staff Information".
1.) If no information is listed in any of these locations, go back to the My Bb tab and highlight and copy your course’s name in the My Courses module, select the Courses tab, and paste it in the Course Search field. This should bring up the Course ID, Course Name, Instructor Names and Description of the course.
2.) From here, select (and if it is not selectable, copy to paste in the UK Campus People Directory) the Instructor’s name you wish to contact.
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