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Course Roles
The course role of a user determines what access he or she has to the content and tools within a course.  For each course in which a user participates, he or she is given a role; for example, a user might be given the role of Student in one course and that of Instructor in another course.  
Though the course role is set when the user is enrolled in a course, it can be modified at any time by the Instructor of the course.  The course roles are: Course Builder, Grader, Guest, Instructor, Student, and Teaching Assistant.
A Course Builder can access most areas of the Control Panel (Course Tools, Course Links, Users and Groups, Customization, Packages and Utilities, and Help); this role is generally used when a user needs to manage the course, but does not need to access Student grades.  Note: Course Builders can still access the course if the course is unavailable to students; a Course Builder cannot remove an Instructor from a course.
A Grader can access several areas of the Control Panel (Course Tools, Course Links, Evaluation, and Help); this role is generally used to assist the Instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of Assessments, as well as managing the Grade Center. Note: Graders cannot access a course if it is unavailable to students.
A Guest cannot access any area of the Control Panel; this role is generally given to visitors such as prospective students, alumni or parents to whom limited availability (may have only permission to view, but not to participate) may be given for several areas within the course.
An Instructor can access all areas in the Control Panel, though Administrators may limit Instructor access to some Control Panel features (List/Edit Users, Create User, Batch Create Users, Delete Users, Enroll Users, Settings, Import, Export, and/or Archive); this role is generally given to users that develop, teach or facilitates the class.  Note: Instructors may access a course that is unavailable to students. 
A Student cannot access any area of the Control Panel; this role is the default course role and is given to users who are participating in the course.
A Teaching Assistant is able to administer all areas of a course and may access many tools and features of the Control Panel that the Instructor and/or Administrator allow them to access; this role is generally to a user that is acting as the co-teacher.  Note: Teaching Assistants can still access the course if the course is unavailable to students; a Teaching Assistant cannot remove an Instructor from a course. 
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