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Wiki Pages: Bb9 Create New Self and Peer Assesment

***Updated for Fall 2011***

How to Create Peer and Self Assessments

The Self and Peer Assessment Building Block is a tool designed to facilitate the objective, analytical, and learning comprehension skills of students. Reviewing the work of fellow students through criteria-based reference evaluation allows constructive feedback. The constructive feedback that students give to and receive from their peers can enhance their comprehension of the subject material and provide valuable insights into their own efforts.

The Self and Peer Assessment process begins by creating a new Assessment. Assessments can be created from any of the content areas within a Course.

1) Make sure you are in the course in which you want to work and that the Edit Mode in the top right is set to ON.

2) Click on the desired Course Section to which you want to add Self and Peer Assessment.

3) Select the blue button in the top center pane for Create Assessment and select Self and Peer Assessment from the drop-down menu.

4) In new page select New (or select "Import" if you'd like to use an old assessment).

5) Enter a name for the Assessment in the Name field. Note: A new column in the Grade Center will be created with the same name.

6) You may enter instructions for the Assessment in the Text Editor.

7) Set the Submission Start Date and Submission End Date by using the date and time fields (below text editor).

8) In Self and Peer Evaluations Options section, be sure to select all desired options for your intended purpose of the assessment.

Note: The number entered in the Number of Submissions to Evaluate field does not include the creator of the Assessment. Enter zero (0) in this field if Self Evaluations are the only kind desired for an Assessment.

9) When done with all options, click Submit.

10) A new page will open, in Assessment Canvas page you must either create new or select questions. To learn more about question types, click here.

11) When done adding questions you will be taken to the Edit Assessment page where you can make any changes needed. Scroll down and click OK when done.

12) You will be returned to the course's content area where you created the Assessment. The newly createdPeer/Self Assessment will appear at the bottom of the page (can be moved with arrow to the left).

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