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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Create a Forum

A Forum is a site where instructors and students can hold a message-board type discussion about any topic of the Instructor’s choosing. Forums can be added by the Instructor to the Discussion Board in the Course Menu; they can be open to all users in the course or only to members of a group in a course. You can also find the Discussion Board in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel.

To create a forum in the Discussion Board:

1.) First make sure you are in the course you would like to work in and that you have the edit mode set to ON

2.) In the Course Menu, select Discussion Board.

3.) On the Discussion Board page, select Create Forum.

4.) A new Create Forum page will appear. In this page you will need to assign the Forum a Name, along with it's Availability and Settings. (Note: The Forum Settings contains the options for grading the Forum.)

5.) When done, select Submit to create the Forum. The new Forum will now appear on the Discussion Board main page.


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