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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Creating Grade Center Reports
Instructors can create printable Reports for their Courses and Students. For example, an Instructor can create a Report, like a progress report, that contains all of the grades from a particular marking period for a defined group of Students in a class, such as special-needs students or transfer students. This Report can then be printed, and handed out to each Student, Parent or Guardian.
Reports can display all or a number of Students, Groups and Grade Columns, or Calculated Columns, a Grading Period or all of the columns in a Category.
Reports can be customized in a variety of ways, including Report header and footer information. Reports can also include a signature line, date, Course Information and so on.
Reports print one Student per page.
Creating a Report

To create and print a read-only Report, follow these steps:
1) Confirm you are in the course for which you want to print a report and that the Edit Mode in the top right is set to "ON".
2) Click on Grade Center in the Control panel on the left of the page and then select Full Grade Center.
3) In the Full Grade Center, hit the blue button for Reports for a drop-down menu and select Create Report.
4) Within the new page, you will find sections for all options of information to include in the report.
1-Header Information
2- Users
3- User Information (Remember it reports one student per page)
5-Column Information
6-Footer Information
Notes about some of the fields:
Select the Students to be included in the Report:
All Users: This will include all students in the Course on the Report.
All Users in Group (Select a Group to be included in the report). A Group must be created before it can be chosen when creating a Report.
Selected Users Select one or more students in the course.  To choose more than one student, press and hold Ctrl + click the names.
Note: Instructors can only choose students within the section being used.
Select from the following possibilities for the Student Information to be included in the report.
Remember that one student is printed per page of the report, so confidentiality concerns should not prevent you from including the information you require.
Select the column information to be included in the Report. This is the information that is associated with a particular Grade Column or Calculated Column. This information was created during the creation of a column. The Column Name and current grade will display automatically in the Report, and these cannot be deleted. 
Description: Select to display the column’s description in the Report.

Due Date: Select to display the column’s Due Date in the Report.

Statistics: Choose between Median, Average, or both Median and Average.


Scroll to the Footer Information to be included in the footer of the report. It includes the following:

Custom Text (Select and then enter any desired text to be displayed in the footer section of the Report), and 
Signature Line (Select to display a signature line on the report).

Check the Date Box in the Footer Information section to display the Report creation date on the Report. This can be edited.

Course Information: Select to display the Course Name and Course ID on the Report.
5) When done choosing settings and including information, click Preview to open the Report in a new browser window, leaving the Report creation browser open as well.  Click Submit to display the Report in a new window, and the Blackboard page will return to the Grade Center mainpage. (The report opens as one single file, although page breaks are indicated on the electronic version.)
6) From the Preview or Submit page: Print the report by using your browser window's print function.
Tip: To save a Report, save it through the browser window’s function. With the Report open, select File, then select Save As. Choose the save location. It will be saved by default as an Internet file.

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