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***Updated for Fall 2012***
Discussion Boards

1) To participate in a Discussion Board Forum in a particular Blackboard Course, first make sure you are in the correct course and then select Discussion Board from the either the Course Menu or the Tools Menu.

Course Menu

2) On the Discussion Board page, find the Forum in which you would like to participate and click on the Forum's name to open it.

Discussion Board Page

3) In the forum, you may see Threads, or conversations.You can either start a new thread or read and reply to posts in an existing thread.

  • To start a new thread, select the Create Thread icon in the Forum's Action Bar.
  • To read posts in an existing thread, click the name of the thread.

Forum Page

  • To reply to a post in an existing thread, click Reply. (The Reply button can be found in different locations within the Thread, depending upon your current view.)

Thread Detail Page

4) After clicking Create Thread or Reply, you will be taken to a new page with a Text Editor box in which you can enter your message.

Text Editor Box

  • If you are starting a new thread, enter a title in the Subject box. If it is a Reply, the subject should already be filled out for you, just like in an email.
  • Next, enter your Message in the Text Editor box.
    • To attach files from your computer or the Content Collection to the post, click the Attach File button (the first button in the marked row above). These files will be indicated with a paperclip icon and a file name. Readers can click the file name to view the content in another browser window or download it to their computers.
    • To add in-line content directly into the message box, click the Attach Image or one of the Add media buttons (the other buttons in the marked row above). This content will be visible to readers as part of the discussion board post itself.

5) When you're finished writing your post, click Submit to publish it. (You may also click on the Save Draft button to return later and post the message.)

As with any class discussion, please maintain a respectful and civil tone and utilize standard grammar and considerate language. Topics discussed via online discussion boards should be treated the same as any discussion conducted within the classroom.

Please Note: When typing a long post into the discussion board, it is possible that your connection can time out due to several factors. In order to avoid this, and the possibility of losing your work, you may wish to type your thread or response in a different text editor (such as TextEdit or Notepad). From your text editor, you can copy and paste the thread or response into the text box, and format as you like.


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