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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Blackboard Forum Roles

Participant (Default): Read and post without any administrative privileges.

Blocked: Prevents user from accessing the forum.

Reader: Read contents of forum, but cannot post or respond.

Grader: Participant privileges as well as the ability to grade the forum (assign grades to a user for their performance).

Moderator: Participant privileges as well as the ability to modify, delete and lock posts. If a Moderation Queue is used, the Moderator may also approve or reject posts in the queue.

Manager: All privileges.


To Change a User's Role in the Forum:

1.) Confirm you are in the course you would like to work in, and Edit Mode is ON.

2.) Go the Control Panel, select Course Tools.

3.) Click on Discussion Board from the list.

4.) Click the drop-menu next to the Forum you wish to modify.

5.) From the drop-down menu, select Manage.

6.) In the new page, all users will be listed. Click the drop-down arrow next to a user's name to manage their role.

7.) When done, click OK to exit and return to the Discussion Board main page.


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