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Install a Course Cartridge
Course Cartridges allow Instructors to access sets of teaching tools provided by academic publishers. Chalk Titles are Course Cartridges that are integrated with external applications and content from publishers.
  1. Click Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel of your course and then select Import Course Cartridge.

  2. Enter the Course Cartridge Download Key in the field provided. Course Cartridge content will be added to Course materials.
    Note: The Download Key can be obtained from the publisher. Without a Download Key, it is not possible to add Course Cartridge content.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. An email will arrive when the Course Cartridge has finished loading into your new Course.

Remember for students to have access, the following must happen:

  • Be enrolled in the Course.
  • Instruct Students to purchase required textbook or other publisher provided materials that contain the Access Key.
  • When first accessing the Course content, Students will be required to enter an Access Key. Once validated, Students will no longer need the Access Key.


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