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The calendars within Blackboard are associated with courses as well as users. As a student, you can viewa course's calendar, and add events to your own personal calendar.
Course Calendar
1.) To view your Course Calendar, first make sure you are in the Course you would like to work in.
2.) In the Course menu, select Tools
3.) Once in the Tools page, select Calendar
4.) This will open a page where you can view events created by the Instructor of the course. You can modify the view by daily, weekly, or monthly.
Your Calendar
1.) To add entries to your Calendar, start from your My Bb page and select Calendar from the Tools module on the upper left hand side of the page. 
2.) Once in the Calendar page you can add events by selecting the Create Personal Event button on the Action Bar. 
4.) A new page will open, and you can add the Event. Assign the Event a name, description, and event time. When finished, click on Submit.
The events you add to your personal Calendar will be deemed Personal and will not be seen in Institutional, Course or Organizational Calendar views.

4.) You can view different event types by selecting All Events, My Events, Institution Events, Course Events, or Organization Events in the Display Events drop-down menu.
5.) When done, you may navigate away from the Calendar page without needing to save any information.
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