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***Updated Spring 2012***

My Grades

Please Note: The ability to access grades within Blackboard is to the discretion of the Instructor. If you cannot locate "My Grades" on the Course Menu, you generally cannot view this information.

1.) To view your grades, first make sure you are in the Course you would like to work in.

2.) From the Course Menu, you can select My Grades -or- Tools, and then select My Grades.

3.) Once in the My Grades page, you can view grades that have been posted by your Instructor.

4.) You can view the Item Name, Details, Due Date, Last Submitted, Modified, or Graded, Grade, Points Possible, Average, Median, and any Comments your Instructor may have posted.

5.) If something has not been graded by your Instructor yet, you will either see a dash or a green exclamation. The green button can be clicked on to go the Review Submission History page.

6.) To retrieve a graded assignment, click on the value in the Grade Column and the Review Assignments page will pop up. (The below screenshot example also contains a rubric that the Instructor has made available for students.)

7.) If your Instructor has uploaded a reviewed version of your Assignment with comments, you will see it under Instructor Feedback as Attached Files.

8.) When done viewing the grade information, click on OK to return to the My Grades page.


Symbol Guide for My Grades



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