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Notifications Dashboard
Notifications Dashboard is a sub-tab found under the My Bb tab that can be used to help Students keep track of course activities. 

Notifications Dashboard contains four default modules:

  • The 'alerts' module displays notifications of past due and early warning items for all the courses relevant to the user. 

  • The 'needs attention' module displays items in all the courses in which the user is enrolled that require attention. 

  • The 'to do' module displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks. 

  • The 'what’s new' module displays a list of new items in all relevant courses. 

These and other  modules pull from different course items such as content items, course information, assignments, assessments, blog entries, surveys, journal entries, discussion board posts, grade changes, early warning system rules, group information and announcements. 

1.) To add more modules, select the Add Module button on the Action Bar. 
2.) In the Add Module page, select the modules you wish to add to your Notifications Dashboard page and then select Submit to finish.
3.) To change the color scheme of your Notifications Dashboard page, select the Personalize Page button on the Action Bar of the Notifications Dashboard page. 
4.) In the Personalize: Notifications Dashboard page, select the color scheme you like best (scroll down to see all of the color schemes).
5.) Select Submit to finish.
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