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***Updated for Spring 2012***

Hiding Older Courses from the My Courses Module

At times, Blackboard will display older courses in a user's My Courses module because the course has not yet "expired". If you would like to simplify your My Courses module, you can hide the courses that are no longer relevant.

*Note* This does not unenroll you from the course, nor does it delete the course. You can always change the settings back if you've made a mistake.

1.) First, after logging in to Blackboard, click on the pinwheel icon at the top right corner in the My Courses module.
2.) In the new page, you will see all your courses listed. Uncheck all boxes for the courses you wish to hide, and when done hit Submit.
Personalizing Tabs in My Bb
Users are able to personalize the "Notifications" tab, and "Organizations" tab within the Blackboard homepage. The Notifications tab is particularly useful, because you can have "To Do", "Announcements", "Tasks", etc. modules on this page.
1.) You can modify the modules displayed by going to the top left corner and selecting the "Add Module" button.
2.) If you wish to change the style and appearance of the page, click the green "Personalize this Page" button at the top right corner.
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