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Tool Availability
You can use the Tool Availability page to control what tools can be used as well as which users have access to those tools. 
To change the tool availability of a course:
1) Confirm you are in the course you would like to work in and the Edit Mode is set to ON.
2) In the Control Panel, click on Customization.
3) Select Tool Availability

4) Once in the Tool Availability page, you will notice that the tools are listed alphabetically (you can change the order from descending to ascending if you wish) and that there are several different columns: Available,Visible to Guests, Visible to Observers, and Available in Content Area.
  • Available - The tool is available throughout the Course and open to all users that have a role permitting the use of the tool.
  • Visible to Guests - The tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to Guests when Guests are permitted in the Course.
  • Visible to Observers - The tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to Observers when Observers are permitted in the Course.
  • Available in Content Areas - The Instructor can place a link to a tool in one or more Content Areas of the Course.
NOTE: You may notice that some tools are listed twice; for those tools that are listed twice, the first listing of a tool usually deals with whether it will available to the course/course users, the second listing deals with (if it is available) whether or not you wish it to be available in a Content Area. 
5) Once you have turned on or off the tools you wish to use or not use, select Submit to finish.
Note: If you are having trouble finding a tool, or adding it to a Content Area, go to the Tool Availability page in Blackboard to make sure you have those options turned on.  

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