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***Updated Fall 2012***
Student Enrollment
Your Blackboard Course Shell is populated with students by an automated feed from SAP that will happen every night that new admissions are occurring.  This usually occurs up to several weeks before the start of the course, but in some cases (Graduate, Post-Grad students, and Undergraduate students that are admitted late) the new admissions may occur during the time before class starts that Faculty like to use to prepare for the upcoming semester.  This is often when you will notice inconsistencies between your Class Roster that you download from myUK (directly from SAP) and that which you may find in your Blackboard Course.  It is best to wait up to 48 hours after your course is created/renewed before expecting to see a complete list of users in your Blackboard Course.
If you do not see a student in your Blackboard Course that should be there (in other words, he or she is registered for the course and is in your SAP Roster) double-check to verify that he or she is not a course user by selecting Users from the Users and Groups section of the Control Panel. Once in the Users' page, search for [Username] [Not blank] and select Go. This will give you a list of all course users (including yourself), their roles and whether or not the course is available for that user.
If you do not see a student here who should be in the list of course users, please contact IT Customer Service Center either by phone (218-4357) or email (, and provide the following information:
Your Information: Name and linkblue ID
Course Information: Course ID and/or Course Name
Student Information: Name and linkblue ID
For all other enrollment requests, (Teaching Assistants, Guests, etc.) please fill out this form.

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