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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Creating a Weighted Grade Column in the Grade Center
1) To create a Weighted Grade Column, first make sure you are in the course you would like to work in and that you have the Edit Mode set to ON.
2) Go to the Grade Center from the Control Panel, and select Full Grade Center.
3) In the Full Grade Center, mouse over the Create Calculated Column icon in the Action Bar and select Weighted Column from the drop-down menu. 
4) In the new page, enter a Column Name, Display Name (optional), and Description (optional).
5) Scrolling down, select a Primary Display (Secondary is optional). This is the format grades will be displayed in the column.

6) Next if applicable, choose a Grading Period (if you wish to associate this column with a particular Grading Period). 
7) Select the columns and/or categories that you would like to include in this Weighted Grade Column, then new options will appear on the right. Enter the weight percentage for each item (the percentages should add up to 100%) and decide whether or not to calculate as a running total.  See the screenshot below for the structure of this process.

8) After selecting all columns and categories, choose the last 3 Options.

9) Click Submit to create the Weighted Column.


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