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***Updated for Fall 2012***

Adding a File

Creating a File may be the best way to attach a document that you would like your Students to view. The following types of files are good examples of documents that are commonly attached within Blackboard: Course Syllabus, Presentations, Handouts, Readings, etc.

  1. Confirm EDIT MODE is ON.
  2. Choose the Content Area (from the Course Menu or within a folder) in which you want to insert the material.
  3. From the Build Content tab, under the Create column, click on File.
  4. Create File screen will display.
  5. To begin, find a File by clicking on either Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection buttons.

  6. Using Browse My Computer:
    • Browse your directories for the file.
    • Click once on the file you want to upload.
    • Click on the Open button.
    • To change the title the students see as the highlighted link, enter the new title in the Link Title box.

  7. Enter a Name for the file. This name, and not the document name, will display when the upload is completed.
  8. For the Open in New Window option, select Yes (Some Mac users encounter errors if this setting is not applied).
  9. Apply any and all permission settings you wish for the file. When done, select Submit.

Note: Content is added in a sequential format with newer content being placed at the bottom of the page. It is possible to change the order of content by using the sliding arrows to the left of content (while Edit Mode is ON).

 Avoid any special characters, such as # , ; : ' " / ? ~ ! @ $ % ^ ( ) & or * in document titles. 
Such characters will make the document unavailable to open. (Underscores and periods/dots are okay.)


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