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Adding Links to a Content Collection File
Users may add links to items in the Content Collection from the Text Box Editor. Follow the steps below to add a link to a Content Collection item:
  1. Open the Control Panel for a Course.

  2. Open a Course area meant to hold content where the Text Box Editor is available, such as an Announcement or a Discussion Board.

  3. Select an option in the third row of the Text Box Editor.

  4. The Content Collection item to link to is selected on the page that appears. Select Browse next to the Link from Content Collection field. The Content Collection will open in a new window.  Locate the Content.

  5. Collection item, select it and click Submit.
It is very important that the Browse field and the Specify URL field are left blank. These fields are not used for adding items from the Blackboard Content Collection.
Depending on the type of item being added, additional options may also be available on this page. For more information, see the quick Text Box Editor tutorial video.

Permission granted to items added to Courses

When an item from the Content Collection is added to a Course, all users in the Course will automatically be granted Read permission to the item. The Permissions page for the item in the Content Collection will list All Course Users as having Read permission.

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