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***Updated for Fall 2012***

Adding a Folder

Use folders to contain items, links, assignments, etc. for materials that logically go together, i.e., all materials for a chapter or a unit. By organizing the materials in this way, students are able to more easily follow the flow of the course.

To do so, follow these steps:

1.  Make sure Edit Mode is set to On.

2.  Choose the Content Area (from the Course Menu or a folder) in which you want to insert the material.

3.  From the Build Content tab, under the New Page column, click on Content Folder. Create Content Folder screen will display.

4.  For Content Folder Information, enter a Name for the folder. Then add any text explanation of the folder that will be displayed (optional).

5.  In Options, set availability by selecting the Yes radio button for Permit Users to View this Content.  If you want to hide this link from the students, change the radio button to No. This section also gives the choice to track number of views (optional).

Note: If choosing to hide the Folder from student view, all material contained within the Folder will be unavailable to the students. This includes when creating a course link from another area.

6.  If you want to set date and time restrictions, make sure you make entries for both Display After and Display Until (optional)

7.  Click on Submit to save your changes.

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