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***Updated for Fall 2012***
Associating a Rubric
The newest update of the Blackboard system allows Rubrics to be associated with Assignments, Essay, File Response, and Short Answer Test questions, Blogs and Journals, Wikis, and Discussion Board threads and forums. An associated rubric is attached to the assignment, and can be used to grade an assignment by interactively adding the grades into the rubric's grids. The grades will automatically be entered into the Grade Center when grading in this manner.
1.) Rubrics can be associated when creating or editing any gradable content mentioned above.
2.) In the Assignment's Edit page, scroll down to the grading section
3.) Click on Add Rubric
4.) In the drop-down menu, select one of the three options.
a. Select Rubric- Opens a pop-up window containing all existing rubrics. Place a checkmark beside the desired rubric, then click Submit.
b. Create New Rubric- Opens a pop-up window to create an entirely new rubric. Once completed, click Submit and you will be returned to the assignment's edit page.
c. Create From Existing- Opens a a pop-up window, select the Rubric you wish to edit. Once finished editing, click Submit and you will be returned to the assignment's edit page.
 5.) Once a rubric has been selected to the gradable content in the edit page, a message will appear. When associating a rubric, the points value the Rubric will be assigned to the gradable content's Points Possible. Click OK.
 6.) Now, a new set of options will appear under the Add Rubric button.

7.) From the left of the Rubric's name, the icons will allow you to: Delete, View or Edit the Rubric.
8.) Under Type the drop-down menu you may either select:
Used for Grading- The associated Rubric will be used to enter student grades (default).
Used for Secondary Evaluation- The Rubric will be associated to the assignment for reference, and can be used or not used to enter student grades.
9.) Under Show Rubric to Students you can select:
No- Default setting, student's cannot see rubric
Yes (with Rubric Scores)- Students can view the associated rubric before and after grading with their individual scores within the rubric.
Yes (w/o Rubric Scores)- Students can view the associated rubric before and after grading, but without their individual scores.
After Grading- Students will only be able to view the rubric after their submission has been graded.
10.) After managing all Rubric settings within the gradable content's page, the process is complete. When done with creating/editing the gradable content click Submit.

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