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***Updated for Fall 2012***
Creating Assignments in Blackboard
Before creating an Assignment, be sure you are within the Blackboard course you would like to work with, and have the Edit Mode set to ON.
Assignments can be created in the Content Areas within your course. For this example, I have decided to add another Assignment to the "Assignments" section of my course.
1) Begin by opening the particular Content Area you would like to work with.
2) Under the Course Content header, you will notice a Create Assessment hover drop-down menu. From this menu, select Assignment.


3) You will now be in the Create Assignment page. Give your Assignment a Name and add any instructions that you may need to provide for your students. (The only required information on this page is Name and Points Possible. All other settings are optional.)


4) As you scroll down the Create Assignment page, there will be an option to Attach Files to the Assignment within Blackboard. Click on Browse My Computer to do this. *Note* The uploaded document will not automatically appear when students view the Assignment. They will be provided a link to view the document in a new browser window.

5) Under the Grading section, enter a numerical value for the Points Possible. Once submitted, the Assignment will automatically have a category within the Grade Center.

6) In the Availability section, there are many options to modify the Availability settings of the Assignment. Choose your desired Number of Attempts, and you can also develop an Availability timeframe with the Limit Availability settings. You do not have to have both a Display After and Display Until rule in order to do this. Be sure to check the radio button next to the Limit Availability settings you would like to create.


7) As you continue to scroll down the Create Assignment page, there will be settings for Due Dates. This information is different from the Limit Availability settings above because submissions exceeding the Due Date will be marked Late in the Grade Center. Be sure to check the radio button next to your Due Date settings.

8) You can separate the Recipients of the Assignment by either Individual students or by Groups of students.


9) Finally, click Submit to finish creating your Assignment.

*Note* You can return to assignments at any time, and with Edit Mode ON click on the drop-down menu beside the assignment's name and select either 'Delete' or 'Edit'. It is strongly suggested to not alter the assignment after students have submitted work.

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