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Creating Groups

1. On the Control Panel in the bottom left-hand corner, select the drop down menu Users and Groups. Then click Groups.

2. Mouse over the Create Group Set button and click Manual Enroll.

3. Type a generic name for the group set. You can rename each group individually once they are created.

4. You can select whether or not to make your group available to students. If plan to use the groups only for grading purposes you may want to select No. If you plan to use them to facilitate course work you should select Yes.

5. In the Tool Availability section, you can select which group tools you want your students to have access to. Uncheck any tools you don't want to use. If you've set the groups to unavailable, the students won't be able to access any of these tools.

6. Now decide how many groups you want to have. Type the number in the Number of Groups box at the bottom of the page. You will place individual students in groups on the next page.

7. Scroll down to the Group Set Enrollments section. To place a student in a group, select the student from the left-hand box and click the top arrow. To remove them from the group, select the student and click the bottom arrow.

8. At this point you can rename each individual group.

9. Finally, click Submit and your groups will be created. You can view your groups at any time by going to the Control Panel and selecting Users and Groups.

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