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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Early Warning System

Getting Started

The Early Warning System is a feature that can be used to email Course Users (Students and/or their Observers) when the criteria for a particular Rule are met. This is a useful evaluation tool so that instructors may create proactive and/or attentive communication concerning a Student’s performance.

To work with the Early Warning System, first make sure you are in the course you would like to work in and that you have the edit mode set to ON.

  • In the Evaluation section of the Control Panel, select Early Warning System.  This is the only location within a Blackboard course in which the Early Warning System can be accessed.

Rules that can be created in the Early Warning System:

  1. Grade Rule: an email message is spawned if a Student makes below a certain score on an exam.
  2. Due Date Rule: an email message is spawned if a Student has not turned in an Assignment by a certain date (Only Assignments, Tests, and Surveys with a due date can be selected for the Due Date Rule).
  3. Last Access Rule: an email message is spawned if a Course User has not accessed the Course within a time-period to be determined by you.

Other things you need to know about the Early Warning System:

To learn more about Bb9.1 and its other features, visit additional Bb9.1 Wiki Pages and the Blackboard Instructor Manual.


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