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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Setting up Extra Credit in Grade Center

In addition to extra credit questions, which you can specify as you key in or edit each test question, you can set a whole column of grades to tally as extra credit. Students who earn these points will gain, but students who do not are not docked.

1) Click Add Grade Column (not calculated) for your extra credit points and set it to be worth zero points. The zero means that students who do not complete this option are not affected negatively. (Note: You must actually enter "0" into the field.)

2) After this column creation, you must Edit the Total column (click the column header to see the dropdown menu, and select Edit). In area 3 for Select Columns, you'll see the default setting for All Grade Columns; change this option to Selected Grade Columns.

3) A new panel will open up with two large boxes. Highlight needed columns in the left box, including your new Extra Credit column. Click the > triangle between the two boxes to move these columns over to the right Selected Columns box.

4) Be sure to Submit your settings. Back in the Full Grade Center, you can now enter scores for students in the Extra Credit column, and calculations in the Total and Weighted Total columns will display as you intend.

Note: This procedure also works for negative credit. Edit cells in the extra credit column to insert a hyphen (minus sign) before scores you want to count as negative.

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