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***Updated for Fall 2012***
Adding Content from the Content Collection
Materials from the Content Collection may be added to any Content Area in a Course, such as Course Information or Course Documents. To add an item from the Content Collection to a Content Area, follow the steps below:

1.) Open the Content Area in which you want to include the link, such as Course Documents.

2.) Make sure Edit Mode in the top right of the page is set to ON.

3.) Click on the Build Content drop-down menu, and select any of the boxed in options below.

4.) A new page will open, the exact settings will vary according to the content being built. Generally, scroll down to find the section containing an option to attach files.

5.) Select the Browse Content Collection option.

6.) A pop-up window will appear. The left pane contains the entire institutional navigation of the Content Collection, and the right pane contains the folders. (Typically, your personal folder will be shown by default.)

7.) Once the material has been located, click on the radio button to the left of the file's name.

8.) Scroll down the pop-up window page to click Submit.

9.) You will be returned to the Build Content page in your Blackboard course.

10.) Note that the name and location of the content has been automatically populated. (You can change the name but modifying the location will affect the content.)

11.) Review all standard options, when done click Submit.

Permission granted to items added to Courses

When an item from the Content Collection is added to a Course, all users in the Course will automatically be granted Read permission to the item. The Permissions page for the item in the Content Collection will list All Course Users as having Read permission.


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