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*Updated for Fall 2011*
Students may be asked to download and/or upload assignments in Blackboard. The location of the Assignment within the Blackboard course will vary by the Instructor's discretion; generally, Assignments will be located in the Assignments or Course Content pages in the Course Menu.

Download and Save a File
When you find an Assignment in Blackboard, you may be directed to submit a completed assignment or both download a worksheet/handout and then upload the completed assignment.

1.) If one is provided, download the assignment file (worksheet, handout, etc.). 
2.)Save the file on your computer with your last name in the title, as in JonesWorksheetTwo.doc (or using the filename convention your instructor has specified).
Please avoid any special characters, such as # , ; : ' " / ? ~ ! @ $ % ^ ( ) & or
Such characters will make the file unavailable to open. (Underscores are okay.)
3.) Prepare your assignment following your instructor's directions, and save the file as a backup. Remember where you saved it.
Submit the Assignment

1.) In the content area where the assignment is deployed, click once on the assignment link to open the Upload Assignment page.

2.) In the Upload Assignment page, please read any instructions your Instructor has provided.

3.) In the Assignment Materials section, select 'Browse My Computer' to find and select the document you wish to upload. 

4.) Once you have found the document, select 'Open' within the File Upload pop-up window to attach it.  It is best to avoid renaming the document on this page or entering text in the Submissions or Comments boxes unless your instructor has directed you to do so.

5.) Send the assignment by clicking the Submit button.

Checking the Uploaded Assignment
You should now receive confirmation that your document was uploaded properly, as indicated by a green banner at the top of the Assignment page.
1.) To make sure this is so, and check to see if your assignment has been graded, go back to the Content Area where the Assignment is posted and click on the Assignment Name again.  
2.) In the Submission History section you should see the Assignment Information, the Assignment Materials (this would be where the document that you uploaded would be – the original), and the Feedback from the Instructor.  The Feedback from the Instructor section should include your Grade, any Comments the Instructor included, and a graded version of your Assignment (if the Instructor has uploaded the version they reviewed). 
Note: You can also view the Submission History page by first going to My Grades in your course menu and clicking on the Grade given to you for this assignment.
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