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***Updated Spring 2012***

Creating Smart Views


The creation of Smart Views in the Grade Center allows instructors to see columns the match a set of criteria, and the view is saved for continued use. This is particularly useful for large courses, cross-listed and combined section courses in Blackboard. This particular example displays screenshots for the creation of a Smart View by group. Any other set of Grade Center criteria can be used (low scores, undergrad and grad enrollments, by particular assignment type, etc.).

1.  On the Control Panel in the bottom left-hand corner, select the drop down menu Grade Center. Then click Full Grade Center.


2.  Mouse over the Manage button and click Smart View.


3.  Then, click Create Smart View.

4.  On the next page, type the name of the group you are creating a Smart View for in the Name box.

5.  If you check the Add as Favorite box, this Smart View will appear in the Control Panel under Grade Center.


6.  In the Selection Criteria section, select the group you want to create a Smart View for from the Value box.


7.  Finally, click Submit. Repeat the steps to create a Smart View for another group.



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