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*Updated for Spring/Summer 2014*

Copying Courses in Blackboard


If you wish to re-use content from another course, you can perform a Course Copy. First, log in to Blackboard and click to enter the course containing the materials you wish to copy. Then follow the steps below.

1.       From the Packages and Utilities sub-menu within the Control Panel, click on Course Copy.


2.       “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course” should be selected by default for Copy Type.  This is the only copy type available to Instructors.


3.       Click Browse for the Courses pop-up window (If your browser employs a pop-up blocker, set your options to allow pop-ups for


4.       You will then scroll to select the course into which you wish to copy before clicking Submit.


5.       Select the course materials you would like to copy into the new course. Below are some important details and precautions when selecting course materials:

a.       DO NOT select the eReserves content area. Although the material will appear as if it copies correctly, new students will not have access to this material and receive errors when trying to access the content. Please visit the UK Libraries website for information on how to setup electronic reserves for the current semester.

b.      If the course you are copying from (the one you are in) is a course from Spring 2009 or before, DO NOT CLICK SETTINGS. This will copy in the settings from a Blackboard 8 course and could result in formatting problems.

c.      Before Tests (deployments) and Assignments are copied over, "Grade Center Column and Settings" must be checked. The following errors will occur if "Grade Center Columns and Settings" is not checked:

                                                               i.      SafeAssign assignments are copied, but no grade columns are created for them. (Once any of the SafeAssign assignments are edited by the Instructor, the grade columns will be created.

                                                             ii.      Tests (and test options) are copied over, but not deployed.

                                                            iii.      Assignments are not copied over.


6.       When you have selected everything you want copied, click Submit.


7.       Blackboard will present you with a confirmation screen.


8.       When the course-copy process has completed, you will receive an email in your Blackboard-recognized inbox.
[Please wait five minutes after receiving the confirmation email to move onto the next step]


9.       You should now have the course shell and all the materials ready for you to modify and get ready for your students.

a.       If you have copied over SafeAssignments: Please note, within the new course, you must navigate to the Course Tools sub-menu of the Control Panel and select SafeAssign and then SafeAssignments to “Synchronize this course”.


10.   If you don't see your content, please navigate to the Packages and Utilities sub-menu of the Control Panel and select ‘Import Package / View Logs’.  If the Course Copy has completed a log will show in this page, giving information about errors, if any.


NOTE: Blackboard does not stop you from copying the material into a pre-existing course (even if that material already exists). Therefore if you have a folder with the same name, like Course Documents, you will then have two Course Documents folders on your new course menu (the new one will be lower on the Course Menu). You will then need to manage the duplicates, either by hiding or deleting them.


If your material does not copy over to your new shell as it should have, please contact the IT Service Desk by calling (859) 218-HELP (4357). 


To combine cross-listed courses in Blackboard, complete the request form here.


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