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Wiki Pages: Bb9_SafeAssignment_My_Grades_page_Error

The SafeAssignment/My Grades page Error Message
and How it can be Resolved

Many Students and Instructors are noticing an error within the Student's 'My Grades' page that will not allow students to view their grades.

My Grades Error Message

This error message indicates that there is a read error within the Student's Gradebook - in other words - the Student's Gradebook is not able to read a grade sent from the Instructor's Grade Center.

SafeAssignment Grade Overridden

Step 1:  To resolve this issue, the Instructor must enter into the Grade Details page for this particular SafeAssignment through the Full Grade Center (Click Grade Center in the Control Panel and then click Full Grade Center) by clicking once on the action-link menu for the grade you'd like to change and then selecting 'View Grade Details'.

Grade Center Cell Action Link Menu

Step 2:  While in the Grade Details page, the previously modified grade will need to be reverted by selecting the 'Revert' button.

Revert Grade and Edit Grade

Step 3:  This grade can be re-entered by selecting the 'Edit Grade' button within the Attempts section.  To re-enter the Grade by using 'Edit Grade', simply enter the grade value and select Save.

Edit Grade

Step 4:  Please note that the Grade Details page can be used to navigate from student to student by using either the back and forward arrows or the 'Jump to User' option.

Grade Details page Navigation


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