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Adding Media to a Blog or Journal Entry
When placing photos in the blog entry, if you do not choose a size option, you can resize the photo when editing the blog entry by clicking and dragging from the corner of the photo. You can also set the width and height (see second tip, below).
When placing video in a blog entry, it will be too small unless you enter the pixel size you desire. A good size is 420x300.
To add the video:
1.) Click on Add MPEG/AVI Content for *.mpeg, *.avi, or *.mov files (third button in media row).
2.) For *.swf files, choose Add Flash/Shockwave Content (sixth button in media row).
3.) In the pop-up page, choose your video by selecting Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection, or Source URL
4.) In the options, set Width enter 420 and for Set Height enter 300. (Note: This also works for photos.)
5.) Click on Submit. Click the play button to ensure that your video works properly. If it does not work you may need to update your browser plugins.
6.) Click Submit again in the next window that appears. You will need to save the entry to see it (the portion with the video will look blank until you do).
Please note that *.wmv files cannot be embedded, but they can be added using Attach File (First button in Row 3) so the student can download and then view the video.

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