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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Individual Blog
1.) Enter your course.
2.) Look to the top right and ensure that your Edit Mode is ON. (Click once if 'Off'.)
3.) Click on the area of the course where you wish to place the blog, such as Assignments (or perhaps a new area that you create called Blogs).
4.) Hover over or click on the Add Interactive Tool menu. Choose Blog from the drop-down menu.
5.) In the new page, scroll down and click on Create New Blog.
6.) In the Create Blog page, enter a name for the blog and in the larger text field type your instructions (optional) for student use of the blog.
7.) Choose the options for availability, and date and time restrictions.
8.) In the Participation field, select Individual to All Students.
9.) Select your desired blog settings, as well as grade settings.
Note: Making the blog gradable and assigning a point value will generate an associated column within the Grade Center.
10.) Click Submit. You will now return to the original (Create Link: Blog) page. Notice that the new blog is now listed on this page, and highlighted.
11.) Click the Next button at the top or bottom right.
12.) In the Link Name line, type the name you want to give to the link to the blog. It could be the same name as the blog itself. In the larger text box, you may add descriptive text about the blog you are linking to.
13.) Click Submit. You have set up the blog as well as the clickable link to it in the Course Content Area. (By default, new content is added to the bottom of a content page. You can move the items by using the arrows to the left of the name to slide the items.)
14.) Now, you may click on the name to enter the blog, and then click the Create Blog Entry button at the top of the page to post an entry. (If you wish to create an entry before the students begin adding entries of their own.)
15.) Type your entry and use the small formatting buttons much as you would in a word processor. The third row of buttons will help you place and embed media in the blog entry. The button in the second row that looks like a globe is the Hyperlink button for inserting URLs. Note: If you do not see the text editor buttons, change the option for Visual Editor to "ON".

16.) When done creating the entry, click on Submit. You will be returned to the blog page. Refer to the screenshot below for some basic features of this page.
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