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***Updated Spring 2012***

Download Results from Assignments

1.) Enter the course you wish to work with, with Edit Mode ON.

2.) Go to the Full Grade Center.

3.) Locate the grading column associated with the assignment.

4.) Click the drop-down menu for the grading column, and select Assignment File Download.

5.) In the File Download page, click the radio button for each student's submission you wish to download. (Note: Students that have not yet submitted anything will not have a radio button next to their name).

6.) Click Submit.

7.) In the new window, click the Download assignments now link.

8.) Unzip the folder, and open.

9.) All files associated with all submissions will be listed.


A note about the file types:

.txt files contain the log information of the submission, along with any text created within Blackboard for the assignment. This means there can be more than one document in the unzipped folder per student. For example, if a student also uploads a word document, there will be both a .txt and a .doc file for that particular student.

A note about the file names:

It is very useful to make sure students follow a consistent file naming procedure. For example, all documents must be labeled, "LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENTNAME". This is because when the submissions are downloaded from the grade center, it can be difficult at times to discern between documents.

The files unzipped from the Grade Center follow this format: "AssignmentName_Student's UK ID_Attempt_###_Name of Document"



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