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***Updated Spring 2012***

Download Results from Self and Peer Assessments

1.) Enter the course you wish to work in, with the Edit Mode ON.

2.) Scroll down to the Control Panel, select Self and Peer Assessment from the Course Tools section.

3.) In the Self and Peer Assessment page, click the drop-down menu next to the Assessment you wish to gather information from. Select View Submissions.

4.) From this page, you can download individual submissions, or click the blue Download All button to download a .zip file of all submissions.

5.) Unzip the file.

6.) In the unzipped folder (titled the name of your assessment), the document titled index.html contains all submissions.

7.) Index.html will open in a new window of your default browser.

8.) Click on a student's UK ID to view their submission.

NOTE: You can also download the Evaluations and Results from Self and Peer Assessments. The process follows the same steps.


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