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***Updated for Fall 2011***
Using Drafts in Blackboard

In any Blackboard course, users can save drafts of content they are creating for Discussion Boards, Journals and Blogs. By saving material as a draft, users can then return at a later time to continue working on the content, or to submit it.

  • When creating a thread or reply in a Discussion Board forum or an entry in a Blog or Journal, there will be an option next to the Post Entry button to Save as a Draft.

  • See the directions below for accessing drafts once you have saved them.

Viewing, Editing and Submitting Drafts in a Discussion Board Forum:

1.) Enter the Discussion Board where your draft is located.

2.) Click on the desired Thread.

3.) In the right corner, hover over the Display button.

4.) Select Drafts Only.

5.) In the new page, all drafts will be listed. Select the desired draft.

6.) Above the text, click the Edit button to modify.

7.) After editing, you will again have the choice of either Submitting or Saving as a Draft. Therefore, from the Edit Page, you can Submit drafts.

(NOTE: Once you have selected to Display Drafts Only within a Discussion Board thread, you will need to change the Display back to Show All in order to reset the default visibility.)


Viewing, Editing and Submitting Drafts in Blogs and Journals:

1.) Enter the Blog or Journal where your draft is located.

2.) Click on View Drafts in the right-hand corner of the page. (Note: This location is the same for both Blogs and Journals.)

3.) A new page will open, displaying any and all drafts that you have created. Click on the name of a draft to open.

4.) Opening a draft will allow you to edit all content. Once again, you will be given the option of Submitting, or continuing to Save as a Draft. Thefore, from the Edit Page you may submit drafts.


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