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***Updated for Fall 2012***

How to Find Courses you are Teaching

1.) Enter Blackboard, visit Logging in for more information.

2.) Sign in with your UK ID credentials (without the ad/ or mc/).

3.) Once logged in to Blackboard, you will be taken to your My Bb tab. This tab contains a module labeled Course List, which displays all of your courses organized by the role you are given in the course.

4.) The first listing within the Course List module are "Courses where you are: Primary Instructor". Click on any course name to enter it.


A few notes about courses in Blackboard:

If your course is not set to be available, students will not have access to the course. For more information, go to Setting Course Availability.

Visit Personalizing Blackboard to learn how to modify the courses you see in your Course List module.

If you need a non-catalog course to be created in Blackboard, complete this form.


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