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***Updated Fall 2012***

Blackboard University:

Training Courses for Faculty

We have seven new Blackboard training classes available for Faculty to peruse at their leisure. These courses contain up-to-date information about the Blackboard Learn platform the University of Kentucky is currently using. These courses are taught within the Blackboard system, and the topics covered increase in difficulty and depth. The BbU courses offer both technical and pedagogical insight so that faculty may become better Blackboard instructors.

Begin Now: Request your course development and practice shells

Access the courses

The training courses are:

BbU101: Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

Provides a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features of Blackboard Learn.


  1. The Student Experience
  2. Teaching in Blackboard Learn
  3. The Instructor Experience
  4. Sharing Materials
  5. First Day Tasks

BbU201: Building Courses

Introduces the principles and processes involved in building a course from the ground up.


  1. Planning Your Course
  2. Course Building Basics
  3. Using Course Files
  4. Presenting Your Content
  5. Evaluating Your Course

BbU202: Assessing Learners

Introduces features and functions of the tools used to deliver assignments and assess students.


  1. Creating Assignments
  2. Managing Assignments
  3. Creating Assessments
  4. Deploying Assessments
  5. Grading Assessments
  6. Advanced Questions
  7. Question Pools and Sets

BbU301: Building Online Communities

Explores some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer.


  1. Online Communities Overview
  2. Making the Most of Discussions
  3. Journals and Blogs
  4. Working with Wikis
  5. Collaborating with Groups
  6. Evaluating Students

BbU302: Designing Engaging Content

Teaches strategies for effectively designing and organizing content to increase student engagement within courses.


  1. Plans and Possibilities
  2. Prepare Your Content
  3. Create Your Lesson
  4. Customize Content Delivery

BbU401: Monitoring Student Performance

Contains in-depth knowledge of the tools and features that help monitor and evaluate student performance.


  1. Before the Course Begins
    • Preparing for Success
    • Reviewing Settings
  2. Setting Up the Grade Center Grade
    • Center Basics
    • Grading Periods (optional)
    • Creating Columns
  3. As the Term Progresses
    • Early Warning System
    • Working with Grades
    • Troubleshooting Student Performance

BbU402: Enhancing Communication

Teaches the effective use of select Blackboard Learn communication tools to increase student engagement within courses.


  1. Overview
  2. Creating Discussions
  3. Working with Discussions
  4. Encouraging Collaboration
  5. Using Chat


While going through these training courses, you will need to request both a Development Course and Practice Course (only one of each is needed per Faculty member). This can be done by filling out the course request form. Within the comment field please let us know that these are for the training courses!


To access any/all of these training courses:

  • If you don't have one of each already, request your Development Course and/or Practice Course.
  • Log into Blackboard using your link-blue login ID and password.
  • Click on the 'Courses' sub-tab.
  • Within the 'Course Catalog' module, select '.Learning Systems Support'.
  • Click once on the drop-down menu for any of the training courses listed and select enroll.
  • Enjoy!
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