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***Updated for Fall 2012***
Working with the Grade Center Offline

1. Downloading the Grade Center

2. Opening the Downloaded Grade Center File into Excel

3. Inputting Grade Data Into an Excel Gradebook

4. Uploading a File from Excel into the Grade Center

5. Modifying Uploaded Grade Data within the Grade Center



Scenario 1: Instructor wants to print Grade Center, but does not know how.
Follow the steps in Downloading the Grade Center and Opening the Downloaded Grade Center File into Excel. Once the file has been opened in Excel, you can make any formatting changes (i.e., widths of columns, bold text, etc.) you desire. Then use the Print command in Excel to print out the spreadsheet.

Scenario 2: Instructor has successfully downloaded Grade Center, but when when he/she tries to open it, the data does not “look right.”

Try the steps in Downloading the Grade Center again. It also may be useful to ask the instructor what spreadsheet application they are using and what version of the application. These instructions work for Excel, but may not work as well in other spreadsheet applications. 

Scenario 3: Instructor has made changes to downloaded Grade Center, but when he/she tries to upload it, an error message appears and the file is not uploaded.

1.  Make sure the labels (first row) have not been changed. Make sure the file is saved as .CSV, not the default .XLS file format.

2. Sometimes when grades are downloaded to a delimited file, the first column/first row cell will have

["Last Name"].  This will need to be changed to just [Last Name] and your excel sheet will need to be saved as a .CSV.


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