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Updated Fall 2013
Importing Grades to myUK (Campus Management)

Part 1: Preparing the Column within Blackboard
  • In the Grade Center, either create or reuse a Total Column (please note: Average and Weighted Columns do not work; Grade Columns will work if you input 100 as total points possible).
  • Edit Column Information to make sure that
    • It has a descriptive name (Midterm or Final will do) 
    • Only needed Grade Columns are included (if it is a Total Column)
    • The Primary Display is set to Letter
  • Check through the grades to make sure they are correct. 

Part 2: Using myUK to post grades from Blackboard
1. In myUK, click the Faculty Services tab.

2. Click Grading within the Faculty Services tab.

3. Select the semester from the Select a Year / Term drop-down selection box.

4. Select the grades you will be entering, either Mid-term or Final from the Select a Grade Type drop-down selection box.

5. Select the course from the Get Roster For: drop-down selection box.

Please make certain to select the correct Year/Term and Grade Type before you select course roster.

6. Wait for computer to process request. This may take a few minutes.

7. Click the pale yellow button
Retrieve Grades From Blackboard (beta).

After selecting the correct Year/Term, Grade Type and Course Roster,

8. Wait for computer to process request. This may take a few minutes.

9. A Select… button for a drop-down list appears next to the Retrieve Grades From Blackboard (beta) button. Use the list to choose the column from Blackboard that you want to use to post the grades.

10. Wait for computer to process request. This may take a few minutes.

11. Letter grades will be placed in the Grade column in the roster listing for each student.


Please check to make certain Grades imported from Blackboard are correct before clicking on the 'Submit Grades  

12. Check all the grades to make sure they are the desired grades. To manually change a grade for a student, click in the Grade box associated with the student and enter the appropriate grade. This can be used to both override and correct grades.

13. Click the Validate button, to ensure that the grades listed constitute valid data. If not, an orange Error button will appear at the left of a student’s name. Manually change the grade.

14. Click Save button to save grades. You can come back later and make changes.

15. When all the grades are entered, checked, and validated, click Submit. This will send the grades to the Registrar and be made available for the students to see. Once submitted, the grades cannot be altered without contacting the Registrar.

16. Repeat steps 2-15 as needed for other courses/sections.


Scenario 1: Instructor is not able/unsure how to create/check the total column.
Go to the course in Blackboard and open the Full Grade Center from the Control Panel menu. Scroll over to the column labeled Total to see the grades. 

Scenario 2: Instructor is not able to find the course from the drop-down menu of courses.
Make sure you are using a supported browser for myUK.

Scenario 3: Instructor is not able to find the column to pull in from the drop-down menu of columns within the course Grade Center.
Make sure you are using a supported browser for myUK. Close the browser and try again (or try a different browser). 

Scenario 4: Instructor has pulled in grades from correct column in course Grade Center, but grades have changed.
If the numeric scores for the letter grades have been modified in Blackboard, there may be some problems in uploading the grades into myUK. This happens sometimes with Weighted Total columns.  A quick workaround is to create a grade column manually, entering 100 for the total points possible and then enter the percentages from the Weighted Total Column as the scores for the Grade Column.

Also, please make certain that 'Letter' is set as your Primary Display.

Scenario 5: Instructor has pulled incorrect grades but has not verified (confirmed) grades within myUK.

There are several options once the grades from Blackboard have been entered into the Grade field.

  • If the grades have been retrieved from Blackboard and you notice some mistakes, you can immediately change individual grades manually.
  • Once the grades look OK, you will want to Validate Grades. This makes sure that the data retrieved from Blackboard is of a type that can be used by the Campus Management/Grading system.
  • You can Save Grades and come back later to look at them or change them. This is NOT the end of the process but simply lets you take a break.
  •  The final step is to Submit Grades to Registrar. Once you submit the grades to the registrar, they are gone and paperwork has to be filled out to change the grade.

Scenario 6: One or several of the students’ grades are not uploaded from Blackboard.
A grade from Blackboard will not be pulled in unless the student was automatically enrolled into Blackboard (i.e., a student manually enrolled into a class in Blackboard will not have his or her grade entered by this process.


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